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How to Choose a Psychotherapist

Sometimes, you just need help living our lives, even in the most basic of ways. These are probably times when only a psychotherapist will do. But how do we pick the right one

First off, remember that a psychotherapist is someone you should feel comfortable with. Therapy is hardly easy, and a psychotherapist is not there as your buddy. Still, you should look for someone who respects you for everything you are. Your psychotherapist should get your hundred percent trust, and you should never have to lie to them for any reason. Else, they can’t really help you.

It’s also crucial that you believe your therapist is really helping you. If that’s not the case, then you should start looking for another expert.

Secondly, find a psychotherapist who has been in this line of work for a long time (perhaps ten or more years). Of course, they should also be licensed in your state or territory.

Psychologists, for example, can only call and advertise themselves “psychologists” if they have a valid license. Clinical social workers will usually have an “L” before their degree, as in L.C.S.W. There are states where clinical social workers are not required to be licensed, or to present licensure in this format.

When in doubt, do some research and try to learn more about the therapist you’re interested in. Professionals will not take offense when asked about their qualifications. A psychotherapist who has a degree will have it follow their name in their adverts, or it could be a legal requirement in some states as well.

In any case, it’s best to choose someone who has a solid background of training and experience as a psychotherapist. In certain states, for instance, becoming a Certified Addictions Counselor requires no more than a high school diploma. While this may seem impressive, people need very little training to earn this title, as compared to the rest.

If you think therapy is easy, maybe you should try working harder, or you can also try finding a new psychotherapist. Be brave enough to stand up for yourself and keep searching for the right therapist to help you.

The best method of finding good professionals is still through referrals. There’s nothing better than talking to people who’ve actually worked with the psychotherapist you’re planning to see. If you can’t get any referrals for some reason, read Internet reviews on reputable third-party websites (marketing websites tend to be biased) for more accurate info.

Finally, spend time comparing different psychotherapists, instead of considering one at a time. Without comparisons, you can never tell who’s really the best for you.

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