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Factors to consider in Buying Eyeglasses Online.

It is possible to buy eyeglasses online but the thing is that you may not be able to recall what the doctor prescribed and even if you have the prescription it might not be nearby. The prescription you get on the first instance cannot be used forever and if you are an adult you need another examination after two years and for younger people, it will be after a year. Even if the optician does the prescription, you are not obligated to buy the eyeglasses at their clinic and you can do as you wish. Your optometrist should provide you with a copy of the prescription even if you forget to ask for it. This is what will tell you specifically the kind of eyeglasses you have to acquire. Even so, make sure you do not do a blind order based on the clinical term written on the pad. You should be aware of your pupillary distance measurements which is commonly referred to as the PD. In some cases, this is a figure you can find on your prescription but some optometrists might not include it. Your doctor will definitely have your PD in your medical records and calling them will be the easiest solution but if this is not possible you can view here for more information on how you can do it by yourself.Generally, you can enter 57 for reading glasses or 60 for distance glasses.

The eyeglasses retailer will also want to know the kind of frame you prefer. Generally, frames are made based on the size of your temple, bridge and eyes. Every retailer will indicate the frame measurements on the inside temple of all the eyeglasses and if the ones you have fi well you can get the measurements and get a frame of a similar size. New eyeglass users have to physically try out the eyeglasses at the local retail shops so that they can see what fits perfectly. With this information placing your order becomes very easy. Your face shape will also dictate the kind of eyeglasses you should buy. Your face shape can fall in one of the main categories which are diamond, triangular, oblong, square, oval or round. You can work with your doctor in determining your face shape and the eyeglasses which will be best for you. This can be included on you appointment which means you will have clear information on what to get once you leave.

There are different types of lens and the one you need to get will also be dictated by your prescription. Your eyeglasses can either have tinted lenses, clear or photochromatic. The lenses are the most important component in eyeglasses. If the prescription is strong you will have acquire thick lenses.

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