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Health Advantages for you from using Vitamin B17

The claims that vitamin B17 can prevent and also reverse cancer has made the vitamin B17 drug controversial since the 70’s. The drug may have been banned, but this does not keep you from consuming it since it can be found in other foods. Some examples of foods that contain this vitamin are raw nuts, seeds such as buckwheat and millet, the pits of some fruits such as apples, cherries or plums, and vegetables such as carrots, butter beans, and celery. One of the components of the B17 compound once broken down by our bodies is essential in dealing with many health problems. The traits of this component is the killing of cancer cells, even though it may kill more than cancer cells. Blood pressure has been treated in the past using this component. Learn what benefits are available to you from consuming the vitamin in this article.

The vitamin is famous for its blood pressure lowering feature. It has a nearly 28.5% effect in stabilizing systolic blood pressure. This is a very significant rate that can be the solution you need for your blood pressure problems. In order for you to attain a more substantial effect on blood pressure, you can consider taking the B17 supplement in unison with vitamin C.

The vitamin has properties within it that make it essential in relieving pain. Many animal studies have been done over time to ascertain the effect of vitamin B17 in reducing pain that comes from various common inflammatory conditions. These include such conditions as arthritis, joint and muscle pain. Human studies have not been conducted on this so far, but instead of going for painkillers in the pharmacy, why not try taking some of the food items with this vitamin the next time you have a headache?

You stand to gain an immunity boost when you consume this vitamin. An immune system that is strong enough to resist illnesses is vital for the day to day functions, especially with season changes in the year and as children go to school. The next cold that you may have been exposed to may not get to you if you include vitamin B17 in your menu. Research done not long ago suggests that one of the elements of vitamin’s compound has the ability not only to improve immunity levels but to also deal with prostate cancer cells.

There may be negative effects arising from taking the supplements in high doses. Taking only a daily vitamin and some of the foods that have this vitamin are not likely to cause any negative implication. Taking vitamin C in unison with vitamin B17 can also be helpful in countering the adverse effects.

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